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Focusing on FUN & Education


ALL of our shows are learning based shows targeted to beginner and intermediate riders and horses.  If you have never been to a show, BLHS is a perfect option for your first event!  We focus on providing a fun, safe environment for any level of horse and rider to compete.  Our judges are carefully selected and promise to provide feedback, assistance and even coaching to our riders to promote confidence and a successful appearance in the show ring.  Plus we have the best show staff, facility hosts and audience members to keep your smile blazing for days!

The Good Stuff


One of our favorite things about the Best Little Horse Shows is THE PRIZES!  We pride ourselves on giving fun, useful and memorable awards to our riders for class prizes, high points and even door prizes.  Ribbons, trophies, horse gear, rider gear, grooming supplies,  jewelry,  and more!  Heck, sometimes Ericka even gets crafty and makes some fabulous personalized gifts.   Not to mention we give out lots of free SMILES!  

Ericka- BLHS Founder

Ericka Utz & Wilson

Best Little Horse Shows are founded by Ericka Utz of Howell, Michigan.  As an avid equestrian of 40 years, Ericka has been professionally hosting equestrian competitions for over 10 years. Some of the most industry recognized events including ShoMe Holiday ShoDown, ShoMe Moore Money Shows and ShoMe Oktoberfest Celebration.  

Ericka has started the Best Little Horse Shows (under the sun) with the purpose of furthering rider education and safety at horse shows. Regardless of a rider's skill level, it is Ericka's mission to provide a Safe, Friendly, Fun environment to boost confidence and make memories.

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